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World Cup: overrated and terrible (and I still watched it)

They run around and kick the ball. It’s a technique, it’s talent, it’s not something everybody can do. Not well, at least. They’re the true sportsmen. The talents. The heroes we praise. For what? For the ability to run fast and score?

I watched the World Cup games, of course. With summer hiatus and no good shows on TV, I had no choice. I could have picked up a book, I could have gone out and saw my friends but I chose the games of World Cup. I had to cheer for America! I shouted at TV with everyone else and cringed when they missed.

I don’t know how many hours I wasted watching the Cup….but I am not mad about the hours. I am mad about the fact that a billion people wasted all those hours with me.

We cheered and cried for the sportsmen who don’t contribute to our society at all; or they do in such a minimal way. Ronaldo, Messi, Robbin, Zidane, Ronaldinho etc. they get/used to get millions to play with the damn ball. Why aren’t our doctors, researches, scientists who actually contribute to the society and make the world better praised like this? Why aren’t their discoveries broadcast to a billion people? Why do we all know Zidane got a red card in 2006 in the final of the World Cup but we don’t know what was discovered that year?

World Cup is a terrible event for many reasons: its obvious cheating, overpaid and overconfident players who think they are the next best thing and a contribution to society just because they know how to kick. Meh.

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I don’t want to live ’til I am 90

Perhaps a more dark first post, but needed regardless. It’s been a struggle for me to deal with the concepts of aging and death since our culture only glorifies youth. 

I am still very young, but the process of gradual decay, gradual aging boggles my mind. I don’t want to see myself slowly falling apart. I don’t want to wake up knowing who I used to be is gone. I don’t want to see my skin get lose, I don’t want to settle with a few feet of walking because, well, that’s all my body can do. I don’t want to surrender to the fact that death is slowly exhausting my body and it will take it away one day…that it will take my body and my mind.

By the time we realize what we want in life and finally enjoy it, it’s too late. We feel too old to do things, and an afternoon nap sounds a lot better than a day trip somewhere. Slowly, step by step, we are slowing down our lives until they become nothing but meaningless tasks of taking a box of morning pills or waiting for somebody to come visit.

Visiting my own Grandmother at a home makes me depressed every time. I see all those old unlucky bastards who are reaching 90, but don’t know who they are and have to have nurses to help them with their last few months or years of misery, who knows. You’re not you at that point and reaching that stage in life, put simply, sucks. All the (technological) advances in life, the progress around you….you’re missing it, because you don’t even know you are there.